In Development

Set in 1965 New York City, Jew Boy is a dark comedy about the “born victim” son of a
traumatized Holocaust survivor who, in his quest to save himself from the victim-abuser cycle,
is befriended by the quarterback of a motley Bronx street football team.

a feature film in development
directed & written by Michael Sládek (Con Artist)
based on the book by Alan Kaufman
executive producer Jonathan Gray (Nightingale)
produced by Michael Sládek, Mark Steele
(Cutie & the Boxer)
editor Joseph Krings (Captain Fantastic)

Screenplay, creative deck, business plan available upon request.

Plug Ugly Films, Inc claims no copyright upon any of the "Jew Boy Rip Reel" footage which was
culled from various unlicensed sources and is intended solely for the purpose of project development.


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