jew boy



A coming-of-age dark comedy about an overweight, born-victim son of a tortured Holocaust survivor who’s befriended by the quarterback of a motley football team scraped from the mean streets of 1960s Bronx.

Based on the book by Alan Kaufman
Screenplay by Michael Sládek

phantom limbs  

Bonded by their loyalty and by their urgent need to reconcile the past, two sisters undertake separate journeys seeking to unlock the mystery surrounding the parents who abandoned them.

Based on the book by Timothy Schaffert
Screenplay by Michael Sládek



An animated comedy series about a redneck hillbilly and an Orthodox Jew living as roommates in an uber-diverse section of Brooklyn.

Created by Joseph Krings & Michael Sladek
Character Illustrations by Michael Sladek


A young FBI agent investigates a series of murders on an Indian reservation in the 1920's, where the discovery of oil has lead to a quiet war over land and identity.


A coming-of-age comedy about a teenaged geek trying to survive his parents' divorce by hooking up with a larcenous youth group.

phantom limbs  

In the election summer of 2004, at the peak of Red State versus Blue State hysteria, a Brooklyn punk band is on the road in a divided land where the smallest spark can unleash a violent American psyche.


A tense, intimate Western set during the 1870's Plains Indians Wars, portraying both sides of an historic conflict wherein one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.


A psychological thriller about the daughter of a death camp survivor tormented by a ghost from her father's past.


Fresh out of Russian jail, a mafia hitman is sent to kill a boss's rival in the 1980's
American West where he falls in love with his freedom and questions his mission.

As a tumultuous marriage ends, a sexually-charged rebound begins.

In the mid-1800's a religious leader and his PR-savvy right hand man convince thousands to quit their jobs and farms as they declare the imminent second coming of Christ.

A broad comedy about an uptight young man who inherits a bizarre karaoke bar run by his estranged and totally deranged father.


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